How to install?

Download and unrar. In the menu Delphi, select "Component" -> "Install Packages ..." dialog box, click "Add" and select the file "LayerForm.bpl" from the archive. Select the menu "Tool" -> "Environment Options ..." in the tab "Library" to add the path to the file in the "Library Path".

Where to start?

TLayerForm should be placed on the form. On the form, there is only one TLayerForm. In the properties of TForm better set BorderStyle - bsNone (this is necessary for the correct determine the size form). Then put on the form TBitmaps32List, these components may be several. The following picture extensions: *. Jpg; *. Jpeg; *. Bmp; *. Ico; *. Emf; *. Wmf; *. Png. Next on the form is posted TImageLayerControl, TEffectButtonLayerControl , TStretchButtonLayerControl . In these components, you must specify the properties LayerForm placed before the form TLayerForm, in properties Images - right TBitmaps32List.

How to support financially?

This product is as a compiled files is free for non-commercial use.

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