Released version 3.1 of the library. It added two events, bug fixes previous versions. An example showing the component TShadowLayerControl, reworked into a full program. From here you can select images, hints, instructions, etc. All settings are stored.


Completed the example of the cuckoo :) (now with animation and sound.)


All examples are converted under the version 3.0


Errors are found in the work of GDI, so the core of the library redesigned to work with GDI +. In version 3.0 made ​​a transition to a GDI +, with the added component TShadowLayerControl reflection effects, zoom, offset, shear, increase / decrease in color. Fixed bugs of previous versions.

Unfortunately the new library does not support the storage of images of older versions, please be careful. If they wish to make the converter between the versions, write in the guestbook.


In version 2.2 the components added property "shadow." Optimized code, fixed few bugs.


In version 2.1 added a new component TTextLayerControl. Analog TLabel with the properties of transparency and font smoothing. Subcorrected scaling algorithm in component TStretchButtonLayerControl. Fixed few bugs.


In version 2.0 beta, fixed a few bugs.


In version 2.0 alpha, there was a complete processing rendering engine, added another component.


In version 1.1 fixes and optimized code. Added properties allowing to use the effect when one image changes in component TImageLayerControl


Good day, we are open and welcome you to our website "layerform.net" on the website under Components available Laerform version 1.0. In the section Downloads placed examples.